Rekindling Your Wanderlust as Travel Ramps Up

A weekend getaway in Puerto Rico. Shopping for vintage kaftans in Palm Springs. Wine tasting in Napa. Or maybe even springtime in Paris. You’re seeing it more and more on your Instagram feed and wondering – is it time for me to take a trip? Can I? Should I? And, where?

Over the past two years, as the world has dealt with a global pandemic, the travel landscape has been in a constant state of flux. Saying it’s been tough to decide how and when to restart travel is an understatement. But, the 2022 trends are hopeful, with experts saying that travelers can venture out domestically and internationally as long as they’re fully vaccinated and use common-sense precautions along the way.

So, how do you confidently move back into the world of travel after such a long, strange hiatus? Staying flexible and reframing your expectations are key to exploring this big, beautiful world in the current climate. Here are some ideas to get you moving towards your next exciting adventure.

Where to begin

What’s on your bucket list that you simply can’t stop thinking about? Scuba diving off the Cayman Islands? Glacier trekking in Iceland? Horseback riding in the Andes? Let your mind wander and daydream about the exciting places you want to visit.

As you get your wheels spinning again, consider practical things like the season you’ll be traveling and how you want your trip to look. How much time do you have to travel and how much money are you willing to spend?

Once you have a preliminary list, make sure that your destination country is currently accepting foreign travelers. Assess the local COVID-19 rates and trends to help you decide what you’re comfortable with as well. Be sure to do what’s right for YOU!

Seeing the world through a different lens

If there’s a silver lining for pandemic-era travel, it has to be dealing with fewer crowds, whether through local regulations or simply personal inclination. Remember that time you stood in a packed line at La Sagrada Familia for two hours just to get a quick glimpse of the main cathedral, or (accidentally) stayed in a sold-out Cancún resort over spring break? Groan, never again.

Even pre-pandemic, crowds could dampen your overall enjoyment and carpe diem travel mindset. Now, since it’s generally safer to avoid large gatherings with coronavirus in mind, you can choose to explore destinations in new ways that you might not have considered before.

So, if cramming inside of a bustling pub after the local football match isn’t your idea of fun (or personal safety), what are some alternate approaches? 

  1. Slow down like a local.
Sit outside at a café terrace, sipping rosé and people watching. Stroll the botanical gardens with a light picnic and book on hand. Catch the sound of live music drifting by as you take in a beautiful sunset. Without rushing from one touristy obligation to the next, you can soak in the local vibe and truly enjoy your time. 
  1. Explore what lies beyond.

Rent a car and road trip out beyond the confines of the city where you’re staying. Discover that small seaside town you overheard the locals talking about. Visit a national park where trails, wide-open spaces, and fresh air abound. Meander serendipitously and allow yourself to be surprised by what you find.

  1. Take the road (museum) less traveled.

“Avoid tourist traps” is sound advice any time, but especially now when you’re trying to minimize gathering near crowds. Instead, visit museums during non-peak days and times and consider buying admission passes in advance. The same goes for making reservations at restaurants, which more likely guarantees you a table distanced from other patrons versus the communal or bar seating options typically designated for walk-ins.

Plan ahead and seek out activities and situations where you feel comfortable. After all, it’s your vacation to do what’s fun (and right) for you!

Embark (safely) on a new adventure

With enough preparation and a willingness to be flexible, you’ll be ready to confidently and safely venture out into the world once again. As you plan your trip, we recommend that you:

  • Stay on top of the latest CDC guidelines and local requirements where you’re traveling to/from.
  • Double-check any refund policies for flights, hotels, and car rentals in case your itinerary unexpectedly changes.
  • Consider travel insurance for more flexibility and protection
  • Have a backup plan if you or someone you’re traveling with needs to quarantine in your destination country before returning home.

And remember, regardless of the pandemic, common sense goes a long way when traveling abroad.

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