Our Philosophy

We believe that traveling helps us find our true selves while teaching us important lessons about kindness, empathy, connection, respect, friendship, and open-mindedness. 

We celebrate our world and choose to live our lives full of awe and wonderment.

We are passionate about cultures, languages, and people.

We recognize the power of self-reflection and storytelling in shaping our perspective and creating long-lasting connections. 

We strive to inspire respectful and responsible travel, believe in honest exploration, and in having authentic adventures.

We value uniqueness and diversity but know that, in the end, we are more alike than different.

Our Mission

BOUNDAWAY aims to create heirloom-quality products that inspire you to travel. Ultimately, we want to be the place you come to share your travel stories. 

Buthan's Tigers Nest monastery

Our Story

BOUNDAWAY was born out of love for the world and a passion for traveling.

Launched in 2021, after months of hard work and a forced hiatus to our travels due to the COVID-19 pandemic. That time in our homes sparked both a recognition that we don’t have to go far to reap the benefits that travel offers and fueled the desire to keep discovering all that the world has to offer. 

Drawing upon our collection of travel memories, we were inspired to create heirloom-quality products that fellow travelers can use to document their stories in a manner that honors the magnitude of what they represent.

Whether you are looking to plan a new journey, daydream about exciting destinations, document where you have been, or reminisce on your best travel memories, we have a product for you.

Top of limestone buildings in France

Our Founder

Boundaway Founder hiking on a hanging bridge with prayer flags

Caty Lamadrid is a passionate traveler, avid hiker, multi-lingual, landscape photographer, animal-lover, and relentless explorer. So far she has visited 61 countries and continues to add destinations to her bucket list.

Her professional career has centered around the sustainability and clean energy space, with side endeavors allowing for creative exploits on photography and writing.

Since her first trip overseas, at 13, she has lived her life obsessively seeking opportunities to reach new places and to have endless adventures. In a way, BOUNDAWAY is one more of those adventures.

Boundaway Founder hiking on a hanging bridge with prayer flags

Our Commitment

We will do our part to protect this unique place we call our home. That is why we strive to use responsible materials in all our products and throughout our operations.

Read more about our
sustainability practices here.