Sustainability Practices

We want to ensure the places that inspire us remain to be enjoyed by future generations.

As self-proclaimed lovers of our planet, we care deeply about the environmental and social impact of our products and are committed to making every effort so that our actions leave a positive mark on our world. At every opportunity, we have intentionally looked for ways to be responsible in the selection of vendors and materials, as well as our office and warehousing practices. This is, however, a work in progress and we will continue to look for opportunities for improvement.

Here are some examples in which we have done so:

  • We have intentionally selected paper composed of recycled fibers for the interior pages of our books.
  • For all our printed products, we have specified the use of soy and vegetable-based inks.
  • Our minimal packaging is manufactured in the USA.

  • Shipping and transportation carbon emissions associated with getting our books from their production facility to our warehouse have been offsetted through the purchase of credits that fund carbon reduction projects around the world.
  • Within our office and warehouse operations, we keep a sustainability policy that dictates how we operate, with guidelines for minimizing wasted resources and making responsible choices.