Top 8 Reasons to Keep a Travel Journal

As tracking our daily lives on digital devices continues to replace handwritten records, it makes you wonder – what might we be losing in the process? Here at BOUNDAWAY, we believe there’s a strong case for keeping it analog. 

  1. Human nature

Humans have been documenting their experiences since the days of the earliest cave paintings. Living in the modern age is no different! Travel journaling allows you to collect your favorite moments and keep them for generations to come.

  1. Creative expression

Journals become a reflection of YOU. Writing gives you the opportunity to express yourself – in your own words and in your own style. Each travel journal is unique, with your story to tell. You just have to write it!

  1. Sharpen your memory

The act of writing helps your brain encode and keep new information far more effectively than typing into an app or computer. That means you’ll get to enjoy your memories for many, many years to come. And, if you forget something, just open the book!

  1. Boost your happiness

Did you know that expressing gratitude increases dopamine levels in the brain? Fire up those feel-good emotions by recording moments that took your breath away or you were thankful to experience. Another added bonus? Writing helps alleviate stress and anxiety, which is the perfect antidote to any post-vacation blues!

  1. Getting to know yourself

Reflecting on your lived experiences helps you better understand your own thoughts and behaviors. It gives you the ability to analyze your emotions and the impact life experiences have had on you. In a nutshell, it lets you make sense of yourself and, by extension, the world around you.

  1. Time travel

Revisiting a well-kept travel journal allows you to experience memories as if they just happened. It only takes a few key details to bring vivid memories flooding back into your mind and reawakening the joy you originally felt.  

  1. Honoring your history

Have you ever gone on a trip, jotted down some notes, and then let those priceless memories collect dust in the back of your closet (or phone), never to be seen again? That approach is… well… kind of sad. Your life’s stories deserve more! Our travel journal gives your memories the respect they deserve in a bound, heirloom keepsake that will live on forever. Plus, your grandkids will thank you.

  1. It’s just plain fun

Who doesn’t like looking through their life’s memories in a beautiful, organized, inspiring way? Reliving your wanderlust and staying inspired for your next adventure never gets old. Trust us.

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